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Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod

Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod
Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod
Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod
Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod
Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod
Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod

Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod    Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod

WELCOME to CONDORAUDIO, located in Jerusalem Israel. Whatever you need done to your equipment, it is NO PROBLEM. And always done right, the first time!

This listing is for the DEH-S4250BT Shortwave with BLUETOOTH V4 capability. Stay AWARE and CONNECTED during an emergency, when Power and Communications infrastructure has failed. SHORTWAVE is the RELIABLE communications frequency during national emergencies, saving lives worldwide, proven time and time again. Honest buyers have absolutely nothing about which to be concerned. This DEH-S4250BT does have Bluetooth V4. Brand-New in Original Sealed Packaging - your radio is fully insured, with worldwide tracking.

Mixtrax, Adjustable Display Intensity, Emergency Shortwave Frequencies, IPod and IPhone compatible, Remote Control. Pioneer is one of the very reputable Electronics Manufacturers of ShortWave Car radios. This SHORTWAVE version is distributed officially ONLY in the Middle East, and selected areas of the Far East. They are not available through Pioneer's regular distribution channels in Europe or North America.

ITEM DESCRIPTION - Item As Described. This is EXACTLY what YOU will receive. A Brand-New, sealed-in-original-packaging radio from Authorized Pioneer Dealer stock. This radio is A-stock, not B-stock or refurbished, fresh from the factory, and has never been connected or installed. An original Instruction manual in English and other languages.

All included Factory accessories which include the Remote Control, Wiring Harness, Panel-Release clips, Sensor and other pieces. The Original Box and Packaging, which leaves my warehouse in pristine condition.

In addition, the function of the internal packaging and strong box (even if damaged) is to absorb any transit damage, so that the radio arrives FULLY FUNCTIONAL. THEREFORE, I offer NO GUARANTEES whatsoever on the condition of the box, when you receive it, and in fact, I advise you in advance, that your box MAY arrive in a non-perfect condition, due to circumstances COMPLETELY beyond my control. A DAMAGED BOX is NOT a valid reason to claim "Item Not As Described". For Full Specifications of the DEH-S4250BT, including IPod details and Shortwave Frequency Coverage details, download the User Manual and see page 27, Whoops!

Due to popular demand, I also offer the DEH-X7850BT Shortwave Top-of-the-line with BLUETOOTH capability. If you want the DEH-X7850BT model, contact me for a separate invoice. Because of the DEH-X7850BT's heavier weight, I have removed the printed User Manual which weighs 200 grams. For Full Specifications of the DEH-S4250BT, including Shortwave Frequency Coverage details, download the User Manual and see page 27, Whoops!

MY COMMITMENT TO GIVING YOU THE BEST DEAL! The photographs are of my own unit; I have one of these in my own car, and it is a superb receiver, exceptional quality and reliability, any way you'd like to look at it.

It functions perfectly as a powerful standalone unit, or with additional amplifiers connected to the 2 Pre-Amp out sockets, and with the Remote Control CD-R320 (included). It is unmarked and unscratched, in the original packaging, with the manual. It is a superbly elegant unit with a Multicolored Fluorescent display. With the new design, the digits are larger and clearer (which is a pleasure to read), than the regular-format units. LCD Display CD/MP3/WMA/USB Ipod Player.

S-MOSFET Output Power: 100W x 4 High-Power. Preset FM18 / MW6 / SW12.

This is a BRAND-NEW unit. Please visit my website CondorAudio and browse through a small selection of the many technical projects I have completed for hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world, during my 20+ years in business. So you will always be able to obtain servicing in your own country.

To view Pioneer's instructional videos on how to setup and adjust this radio, go to Pioneer's YouTube channel, and select the DEH-X3500UI series, which is essentially the same as this unit. The Speaker Connections are quite simple. Your Left Speaker + is the White. Your Left Speaker - is the White / black. Your Right Speaker + is the Gray.

Your Right Speaker - is the Gray / black. Your Left Speaker + is the Green. Your Left Speaker - is the Green / black. Your Right Speaker + is the Violet.

Your Right Speaker - is the Violet / black. Do NOT connect any speaker leads to the Black wire or to ground. Pioneer will however repair the problem at your cost. If you want to use an external amplifier, then you connect a dual RCA cable, between the RCA sockets on the Pioneer radio, and the RCA sockets on an external amplifier of any brand.

WHICH ANTENNA IS BEST, IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE SHORT-WAVE FREQUENCIES? Your standard factory-installed vehicle antenna WILL enable you to receive Shortwave signals on this radio with adequate clarity. However (as with all things in life), a better antenna will enable you to substantially improve the signal quality. Due to the SW and FM wavelengths being very similar, the best antenna to use is a straight-forward stainless steel whip of between 31- 39.

That will give you the best all-round performance. Over 30 years ago, Hirschmann Germany, which is now a part of Belden, used to manufacture the Auta S100 and S200 steel whip antennas, at their plant near Johannesburg in South Africa. Production stopped about 10 years ago. I have no idea if any are still available anywhere. Of course, with the fashionable trend to silly, little short OEM antennas found on modern vehicles, radio reception has suffered.

But check with your local dealer about Hirschmann's current range. It is easily mounted on the fender, or the side of the vehicle. Contact CarMastsUK here:'enigma57 AT gmail. DOES THIS RADIO WORK IN MY COUNTRY? Well, of course, if your car's 12VDC (negative ground) electrical system is fully functional, of course it will work.

I'm sure you meant to ask whether this radio receives your country's local stations, right? The Short answer is absolutely, YES! The Long answer is that there are 2 frequency transmission standards worldwide. If your country is a signatory (which most Normal countries are) to the International Telecommunications Union, then your country's radio stations transmit on one of the two standards. If you do not know which switch position suits your country, take the radio to your local car audio installer for advice.

It that simple - it's certainly not rocket science! Pioneer has covered all bases on this issue in the user-friendliness and design of this radio - there is nothing for you to worry about. If your car's electrical system is shot, or if you live in some backward third-world country which doesn't have any radio stations or transmitters, then you probably won't receive anything on this radio at all, so please save us all an unnecessary headache. And of course, in such a backward case, there probably aren't any computers or internet in your country either, so how are you able to read this ad ;-?

DO I NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING SPECIAL TO INSTALL THIS RADIO IN MY USA (OR ASIAN OR EUROPEAN) VEHICLE? There are no issues whatsoever installing them into USA (or Asian or European) vehicles. You may need a Metra or Scosche adapter and/or wiring harness for your particular vehicle, if you do not already have a DIN-size radio installed. But for that you need to talk to your local car-radio shop. The 4250BT is NOT Shortwave-capable all over the world. For the USA anyway, LW is completely irrelevant - it's the SW which you want. Those ROM codes CANNOT be field-readjusted after production! So, we as consumers, cannot change the software coding to release the full capability of the radios ;. These are NOT Close-Out items (which are generally expected to sell at a sharp markdown from the original price), but current and popular production.

Fair profits are the lifeblood of business, ensuring its survival and growth. No profits mean No business (and certainly no customer service). Sony has unfortunately discontinued Car Shortwave Receivers. There are many YouTube videos comparing the Pioneer SW-capable radios to Sony units, and the Pioneer radio is a consistent winner.

This unit follows in the Sony tradition of excellence in Shortwave radios - the ICF-6800, ICF-SW1, ICF-SW100, ICF-SW55, ICF-SW77, ICF-2001, ICF-2001D, ICF-2010, ICF-SW7600 series. A CUSTOMER'S COMPARISON BETWEEN PIONEER AND SONY SHORTWAVE CAR RADIOS. I wish I had bought all Pioneer from you.

Any chance you might do a trade with cash? I didn't know Pioneer had the SW band. I thought Sony was the only brand that offered SW bands in their car radios. I sell only new Pioneer radios, no used items. Contact me for the Total Price in Israel.

In the picture, any bright spots are from the flash, and dark spots are shadows. Valuable Electronic Equipment - EMS ExpressMail. This is fully insured and trackable. This is uninsured, but trackable.

You may specify an upgrade to EMS at extra cost. If you have an account with a worldwide shipper, feel free to specify them as your choice. Nobody likes to be fleeced.

So it's real simple. YES, we combine multiple items in ONE package, IF a combined package will save you costs. The reason is real simple - we make the proper effort, and don't cut corners. All electronic equipment is double-boxed, using the strongest materials possible. First the equipment is packed in plastic, in its original carton, or a close substitute.

Then that carton is packaged inside another double- or triple-walled carton, with at least 5cm airspace on all sides. That airspace is then filled with polystyrene, to prevent any shocks damaging the equipment. It is then sealed completely with strong packaging tape. Of course, this kind of quality packaging doesn't come for free, but we think we do a real good job of keeping your mind at peace, so you don't have to worry about damage-in-transit. Printed matter is first sealed in plastic wrap to prevent any moisture damage from a sea voyage. Then it is wrapped in a cushioned envelope, or carton, depending on size. I have been in business for 24 years, providing only top-class products to discerning and picky customers who refuse to settle for second-best. My success, and your gain, is based on sourcing the very best products from relatively unknown, uncommon, and out-of-the-way places. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Vehicle Electronics & GPS\Car Audio\Car Audio In-Dash Units". The seller is "condoraudio" and is located in this country: IL. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Format: CD/MP3 Receiver
  2. Model: DEH-S4250BT
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture: Thailand
  4. Unit Size: DIN
  5. Features: Built-In Equalizer, Security Features, Subwoofer Output, MP3, WMA, Animated Display, Auxiliary Input, Bluetooth Ready, Detachable Face, Remote Control, Steering Wheel Control, USB Input
  6. UPC: 0884938367479
  7. Brand: Pioneer
  8. Type: CD Player
  9. MPN: DEH-S4250BT

Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod    Pioneer DEH-S4250BT Shortwave Car Stereo Radio Bluetooth FM AM SW RDS USB IPod