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Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99

Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99
Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99

Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99    Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99

GN Resound Multi Mic - Hearing Aid Microphone + Resound Remote Control-2 with Accessories. For Resound, Beltone, Cochlear, or Jabra Hearing Aids. Compatible with Resound Linx 2D, Linx 3D, Quattro, ONE.

And some COSTCO hearing aids. FOR United Stated, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia. Comes with Quick Charger (QC) Plug. Multi Mic- Crystal clear sound from up to 25 meters (80 feet) away. Following a conversation between people at the dinner table, in a business meeting, or at a presentation in an auditorium can be challenging if you have hearing loss.

All those voices seem to blend. The ReSound Multi Mic enhances your hearing and extends your listening range. Use the ReSound Multi Mic for a variety of situations. For one-on-one situations, clip the ReSound Multi Mic vertically onto the clothing of the person you want to talk to and enjoy the conversation, even in background noise. Placed it horizontally on a table, and the Multi Mic turns it into a table microphone, making it possible to hear what everyone around it is saying.

The Multi Mic also connects to loop and FM systems and has a mini-jack input for streaming audio from virtually any device with a headphones output. The audio cord is provided to connect to any device that has a headset jack plus the recharging cord and plug.

The ReSound Multi Mic connects directly to any ReSound wireless hearing aid and extends the hearing range by up to 80 feet in a clear sightline. The Resound Multi Mic works like the ReSound Micro Mic and also doubles as a table microphone, connects with loop and FM systems, and has a mini-jack input to turn your hearing aids into headphones. ReSound developed their much loved Multi Mic to offer the market a premium quality device for streaming speech and audio from various sources directly to compatible hearing aids, including ReSound Alera, Verso, LiNX, Enzo, and Quattro hearing aids.

It is also compatible with NHS ReSound and Danalogic hearing aids with a wireless function. When clipped to your conversation partners' clothing, you can enjoy a better listening experience in your one-to-one conversation in noise as the signal-to-noise ratio will be reduced. Table microphone functionality, picking up speech from multiple speakers in its radius. Or place it horizontally on a level surface or table.

Simultaneously, this will automatically switch the Multi Mic into an optimized mode to hear multiple speakers in places like a restaurant or cafe in a group of people. The device is small and lightweight, making it simple to keep neatly in your pocket or handbag, ready for use when on the go. The Multi Mic features many other streaming choices using the line-in audio jack with the mini audio cable. Any media device with headphone output e. As the Multi Mic has a built-in telecoil, when set to the "T" mode, it can receive audio from a teleloop system.

In FM mode, the Multi Mic can receive audio from an FM transmitter. This requires an FM receiver (optional accessory) attached to the Multi Mic via the 3-pin Euro pin connector. Switching between modes is done at the press of the mode button, and LED lights indicate which method is selected. An additional real-life benefit is that, since the listener is not required to look directly at the speaker(s) during a conversation, they are free to perform dual attention tasks. The ReSound Multi Mic extends the hearing range beyond the standard reach of any hearing instrument in many situations, such as: at home, at school, at work, in the car, while dining out.

Plug-and-play line-in mini-jack connector (mixed mono). The Multi Mic transmits a speaker's voice (s) directly into your hearing instruments without the need for any extra devices, such as cables, cords, or necklaces.

The Multi Mic is designed to provide a comfortable listening level from the moment it is activated. However, you may want to adjust the volume for some devices or listening environments and do this with the volume buttons.

The device will fully charge from a flat battery in 3 hours, and helpful LEDs will indicate the battery's status. When less than 30 minutes of operating time are left (low battery condition), the group LED will start blinking orange. Summary of the physical features of the device: power button, 2 x microphone inlet, status LED light indicator, line-in audio stereo jack, FM connector jack, volume up/down buttons, mute button, and mute LED light indicator, micro USB for charging, mode button, pairing button, mode and battery status LED light indicators and clip.

With the introduction of the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone, which offers an extraordinarily versatile device that transmits speech directly to your hearing aids. It is a discreet clip-on microphone that helps you hear speech. So you can enjoy one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations. ReSound Unite Mini Microphone also functions as a personal, portable audio streamer to help you listen to your iPod or laptop. Or, as a travel companion when you're away from home - place in front of the speakers of the TV to stream directly to your ears.

It's the ultimate, portable voice and sound streamer. Compatible with ReSound LiNX, ReSound ENZO, ReSound Verso and ReSound Alera. With the ReSound Unite Remote Control-2, you'll never lose track of your hearing aid settings.

You can change programs and adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-see display clearly shows the settings. ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 allows you to control the volume of your hearing aids as well change the program on them. Compatible with ReSound wireless hearing aid models only. Along with the TV Streamer 2, you can control the volume of sound streaming from your TV to your hearing aids.

USB adapter and AC wall adapter for charging, wrist loop,, and one Remote Control included in kit. 6.38 x 4.8 x 1.81 inches; 2.12 Ounces. #13,511 in Remote Controls. 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Are you sitting in the car with the window down? Turn down the volume by the window to avoid the wind noise.

Program - Going into a business meeting? Switch into the program to best hear voices in noise. Mute - Waiting at the mall for your wife to finish her shopping?

Relax, sit down, and mute your hearing aids to rest from loud background noise. He available program names and volume levels can be seen clearly on the display so you can never be in doubt about where you are with your hearing aid settings. You are also able to view the battery status of both of your hearing aids, allowing you to keep better track of when battery changes are required. Physical features include, ON/OFF switch, display, streaming button, home button (for restoring to basic settings), hearing instrument microphone mute button, volume buttons, program change button and a hidden pairing button. The arrow buttons give the option to select left or right only if you would like to make changes monaurally (one side at a time).

The streaming button is a handy way to quickly switch to wireless streaming from your other ReSound assistive devices, e. Once streaming, you can use the remote control to alter the volume of both the streamed audio input and the hearing aid microphones.

If you are using ReSound Alera wireless hearing instruments volume adjustment will apply to the streamed audio signal only. Compatible with ReSound Alera, Verso, LiNX, Enzo and Quattro as well as wireless enabled NHS ReSound and Danalogic hearing aids all variants of Ambio, UP, and CS61W, CS71W, CS81W and CS91W. Charge the battery by using the power cable supplied, plugging it into the base of the device.

You can see the device battery status on the display, which will show as one, two or three bars. Three bars indicate full battery charge and flashing icon with no bars indicates low battery.

The device will conserve battery by going into sleep mode after 20 seconds of non-use, at which time the display will turn dark. Simply press a button to wake it and then begin making your desired adjustments. The Remote Control 2 can be paired by you at home, however please note that program options will only be available if they have been programmed by your hearing care provider.

With your kids or grandkids? One-touch activation of the T. Adjusting the volume of T. Being streamed to your ears doesn't affect the T. S average volume, so it's perfect for you and not too loud for the kids. The hearing aid volume so you can hear both the kids and the show. It doesn't get more discreet. You might feel like you are fumbling when you use hearing aid buttons toggle through programs and volume. The buttons on the Remote Control-2 are larger and easy to see.

While most hearing aid manufacturers offer remote controls, they usually require you to hang them from your neck. The ReSound Unite Remote Control-2 can be kept in your pocket or purse.

Charging cable and plug Included, box is not included. Operating range: up to 3 meters, though will work most efficiently within 1 meter.

Operating temperature: 0 to 45 °C. Storage temperature: -20 to 45 °C.

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  1. Model: Resound
  2. Type: Hearing Amplifier
  3. Features: Bluetooth
  4. Sound Processing: Digital
  5. Brand: ReSound
  6. Items Included: Remote Control

Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99    Bundle Resound Multi Mic + Remote Control-2 $800 Retail Value for $209.99